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Here's How it Works...
The good news is that it is our goal to make this entire process as simple as possible for your entire team! So here is a short training on how the campaign works and a few things that the staff can expect to happen during the process:
  • STEP 1:
    We will run a Facebook ad with an amazing offer -
    This ad will ONLY be shown to users on FB who we have identified are potentially ideal customers for your office.
  • STEP 2:
    Users on Facebook are asked to sign up for the offer - This let's us know they want to be contacted by the office. This is great because you don't have to feel like you are chasing down or begging cold leads! They have already raised their hand and said yes, I want this!
  • STEP 3:
    Leads will call the office to book their appointment - (This usually happens within 48 hours because many of our offers have a timer on them.) You will hear a "whisper" message prior to the call connecting, letting you know the call is coming from our FB ad. It is common to be asked if the offer is too, good to be true! Luckily, it's the real deal!
  • STEP 4:
    Some Leads will forget to call the office - These people are just like everyone else, with hectic careers and personal lives. They may forget to call, or take multiple attempts before they can be reached. That's ok. It doesn't mean they aren't interested (remember they already told us they were!) It simply means, they are busy.
  • STEP 5:
    Some leads will make their appointment and some won't - As you have seen first hand, that is the nature of the industry in general. People forget, or have things come up. It happens. It doesn't necessarily mean the leads were bad... even long term clients have off-days!
Available Downloads
These scripts will help you know exactly what to say when leads ask questions about the offer in the ads, as well as how to handle the followup phone calls.
Frequently Asked Questions
Our office has ran free promotions in the past and it always attracted "freebie" seekers. How is this going to attract anyone different?
Instead of making the offer to everyone in this zip code, our Facebook ad strategies utilize hyper segmented audiences behind every ad. This generally weeds out most of the "freebie seekers" from our lead pool.

What happens if people sign up for a timed offer over the weekend? Do they still qualify when the office reopens on Monday?
Absolutely. It is pretty common for leads to come in over a weekend and leave a message (when possible) for the staff. Following up on Monday is perfectly fine. If the lead asks about the timer, explain that they were given an extension due to the office being closed. (This works for holidays as well.)

How involved are the phone call followups for the leads who don't call in? I do not want to chase down or beg leads to make an appointment.
You are right, nobody has time for that! Luckily, we aren't cold calling. These are warm leads that have ASKED to be contacted. Just remember they are normal people with hectic lives. It may take a few tries.

How many times should I attempt to contact leads? If I am unsuccessful, is the lead "lost"?
We usually encourage calling at least 2-3 times a day at different times, for the first 3 days.This will help try to catch people with crazy schedules. It also extends all the way through any timers on the offers. If for some reason the lead is unreachable, we recommend potentially putting them on a call list for a later follow-up since there are so many variables involved (vacations, births, deaths, etc.) Even though the offer is "expired" it speaks to the compassion of the office, to try and reach out later and inquire if all is well and interest is still there. You can download the phone and voicemail scripts at the top of the page.

I'm worried that our office will be flooded with tons of inquiring people every day. Should I expect a bunch of curious people walking in the office?
While opened floodgates are every advertiser's dream, realistically speaking, it doesn't usually happen that way. You can reasonably expect about 10-20 new leads per month (with a few stray walk-ins here or there.) Our goal is not to overload you, its to promote healthy, consistent growth for the office.

If someone walks into the office asking about the offer, but they didn't sign up online, are they still eligible?
Like we mentioned before, it doesn't happen all that often, but if it does then yes, take their information and ask if they want to schedule an appointment. If they saw the ad on FB, then they were in our target audience. If they went through all the trouble to physically come into the office, odds are they are very interested in finding a new service provider and you have the opportunity to win their appreciation & loyalty.

How does giving something away for free, turn a lead into a longterm customer?
Great question! We try to structure all of our offers in a way that makes it easy for staff to "up-sell" the customer into an additional service. By giving away something of value to the customer, and providing an excellent experience beginning to end, you are able to establish their trust. This gives you a huge advantage at securing them longterm. For example: If we give away a FREE teeth whitening session that requires an in office exam, the staff is positioned to find additional areas that may need treatment and should at that time ask if the patient would like to schedule a follow-up appointment to take care of it.
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